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Best 30-06 Elk Loads?
147 Grain wrote:
My 30-06 semi-auto...

Maybe I missed it, but what is your semi-auto? just curious...

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Best 30-06 Elk Loads?

My 30-06 semi-auto is a late-model Remington 7400 - built in 2002, but it's had a lot of ups and downs until now it's all ups and it's a shooter.


P.S. Initially, the first 50 rounds produced jams every third round, so I went to work on it by bedding the action / stock / installing a LimbSaver Barrel De-Resonator / adjusting the trigger to 3 lbs., and dry-firing / working the action 1,000 times.

A major and very thorough cleaning of the action and chamber was performed. Did I say take your time and pay close attention to detail in cleaning the action / chamber / bolt?

Afterwards, the 7400 30-06 has not jammed in the last 200 rounds and is shooting groups that vary between 7/8" and 1 1/8" off a benchrest and 1 3/4" to 2" groups offhand - using 180-gr. Federal Solid Base rounds.

Speer Hot Core 165-gr. were slightly more accurate and shot the smaller groups, with the 180-gr.'s being the largest, but not my a large margin.

Will try some Nosler Ballistic Tips and AccuBonds next.


P.S. Groups definitely opened up when the barrel's hot, but no accuracy problems in firing a quick 4-round magazine from a cold barrel, as in the worst case hunting situation.

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Best 30-06 Elk Loads?

I've also had very good luck with the Speer Hot Core in my '06 but, I can't get them to shoot worth a darn in the 300wsm. It's too bad, they are a good performing bullet.
I've also shot several of the Accubonds. It doesn't seem to matter what size or weight. They shoot well consistently. Good job, Nosler.
I still prefer the 180gr Partitions in the '06. It just feels like the ideal combo.

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