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benneli pump + buckshot question

hey guys. i have a quick question I would love to get cleared up real quick. I have a benneli nova pump action 12 gage. the barrel is smooth inside, it is not rifled or grooved. I usually dont hunt deer with it, but i want to. I always was under the impression that smooth bores were only used for bird shots and pellets or whatever, so i never wanted to hunt deer with it. I called the gun shop and asked what I could shoot to kill deer with out of this smooth bore barrelled gun. The guy told me 00 buckshot. I asked him if i needed a special choke on it to shoot this doulbe 00 buckshot and he said no, that i could just shoot it without a choke just using the smooth barrel. Does this sound correct? can buckshot be used in a shotgun with a smooth bore and can it be shot without a choke? is that how it suppose to be shot? Sorry for the amatuer question but im used to shooting a 270 for deer, not a shotgun - but i want to start practicing w/ it now that i might be able to use it. thanks alot for your help guys, i just want to be sure im using correct ammo for this barrel + gun so i dont kill myself lol

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benneli pump + buckshot question

Yes, the information you were given is correct.. Any shot can be used in a cylinder bore barrel, nothing else required.

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benneli pump + buckshot question

00 buck is illegal in Md anyway I believe. #2 you shouldnt be shooting anything out of that barrel without some sort of choke screwed in or you will foul your threads...This includes birdshot...Rifled slugs with an improved choke will be your best bet.

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benneli pump + buckshot question

I second that you should have some sort of choke in place to preserve the threads in the barrel where the choke should be. If 00buck is illegal in your state the rifled slugs will do just fine. Thumbs up

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benneli pump + buckshot question

I think you guys are right. But for buck shot I would prefer to use a full choke.
For you slugs you MUST use an imprved cylinder choke,or risk blowing the end of the barrel apart.
I have hunted everything with slugs,in fact I prefer to.In some Canadian Provinces you can hunt moose too,and I have. Believe me a 1oz. magnum slug has some brutal knockdown power up to 100 yards!
Best yet,get a 24'' rifled slug barrel,they come with proper rifle sights or scope mounts.And there are some new really high tech "Sabot" slug ammo sold now,offering excellent range and accuracy. Yes

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benneli pump + buckshot question

I have shot and killed a lot of deer with 00 buck. Full choke is better for any type of pellets but not for slugs. It won't blow the end of the barrel off but it will swell it a bit. Also never shoot any shot gun that has a screw in type of choke without it. You will mess up the threads so bad and will have to send the gun back to the dealer and have the barrel replaced.
You get a deer in to about 25 yards and give him a neck shot he will stay where you shot it.
Another thing to remember is 00buck will rise a bit after a 40 yard shot.

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