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Benelli super nova

How many of you guys have shot the benelli super nova. Is it a good quality gun or is it not worth the money.

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I hace shot many times.  Have

I hace shot many times.  Have a buddy that owns one and he is hard on them and it always goes bang.  Good gun and great quality.

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I'd say it is well worth the

I'd say it is well worth the money especially since it isn't very expensive to start.  I shot the gun and liked how it felt.  I wasn't crazy about how loose the forestock is but it was fast to pump and they may be connected.

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Benelli Supernova

I own two Supernova's. One has a rifled slug barrel and one shoots 3 1/2 inch shells. I love em both and wouldn't own another pump.

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The advantage of the

The advantage of the supernova over the standard nova is the ability to change out stock configs, which allowed Benelli to put comfort-tech on the supernova.  The recoil reduction of comfort-tech is worth the price of the supernova if you intend to shoot a lot of 3.5" shells.

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A friend of mine has a nova

A friend of mine has a nova he thinks is the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, he and one of his friends went duck hunting this past winter. His friend had an 870. Well his friends 870 ended up freezeing tight. He couldn't shoot a thing. My buddy kept shooting till he had his limit then handed it to his friend so he could his limit.

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