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Either the .270 or .30-06 are

Either the .270 or .30-06 are capable of those animals but I would lean towards the 06.  As for practice for a shot I would sight the rife in at 200 yards and practice out to 300 yards.  Prep is just like any physical activity, get in shape and be prepared to suck wind.  Elk live in some nasty country up to 11,000' elevation and the better shape you are in the easier it is even if you are starting out at sea level. 

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I agree with Critter on the

I agree with Critter on the 30-06.  308 is another good caliber.  They will take care of any species in north america.  My wife dropped a 1200lb moose this October with my 308.  One shot did it but two gauranteed it.  My dad shoots a 30-06 and I had the pleasure of shooting and loved it.  Although, 30-06 seems to be a little more abusive on the shoulder.  At the end of the day it doesn't matter what rifle cailber you use, it's all about shot placement.

For a starter scope I would recommend redfield.  Cheap but good optics.  I believe Leupold makes it. 

In Texas, I put in all the public draw system every year and I hit on at least one category each year, sometimes multiple hunts.  I don't know about your state but if Ohio has something similar, I would look into it.  They are cheap and if you practice due diligence you should be able to distinguish between the good and bad locations.  Good luck and be safe!

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How are the Benelli rifles?

How are the Benelli rifles?  I know their shotguns but not familiar with the quality of the rifles.  Any thoughts or experience with them?

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I have never seen or shot

I have never seen or shot one. 

But I personally don't like autoloading rifles for big game hunting and prefer a bolt action or a single shot action for it.  I have seen autloaders fail to chamber a round and jam up but a bolt action usually works all the time and a single shot works just as well. 

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Welome to the site. I see the

Welome to the site. I see the rifle question has been hit pretty well so I will address the elk, bear and bighorn question. You need to figure out what state you want to hunt and start looking at cost of tags and how hard it is to get a tag and a good outfitter. If you want a Big Horn tag in Colorado you best start putting in for preference points now as it can take 7-12 years or more to draw a tag. Some states like Idaho do not a point system on Big Horns so you simply apply and hope you draw. Not sure on other states so that is part of the homework. You can get an elk tag every year in most western states depending on where you hunt and what season you hunt so again there is some homework to do. Really look into an outfitter before you send any money to them. See what they offer, references, state board of outfitting, BBB etc. You do not want your hunt ruined by a bad outfitter. You might even concider a DIY hunt for elk and bear but again that is something you have to look into.  

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Yup another vote for 30-06

Yup another vote for 30-06 bolt action. There are a ton of factory ammo selections and they are sold everywhere and won't cost $100/box anytime soon. That caliber is capable of dropping elk in their tracks as well as going out to 400 Yds and beyond if you learn to shoot that far. Can't help with the outfitters as I have only used one for a cabin rental in the past.

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