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Beginner Questions

I've just started reloading shotgun shells and have a few questions. First off I have a Lee load all. I'm trying to find an all around powder for heavy game loads (1-1/4) and target loads (1 oz) and preferably be able to use the same hulls and primers and maybe wads too depending on the wad. It all looked very simple when using someone elses setup where I don't have to choose from thousands of combinations and recipes.
I'm using 'reloading for shotgunners' by rick sapp as my reference. I also have a couple hundred remington gunclub hulls (which I can find recipes for). But I need some help identifying hulls from 3" Kent Fasteel and 2 3/4" Remington Express longrange.


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Beginner Questions

I have two Lee Load-alls, one 20ga and one 12 ga. What I've always done is to follow the books, I don't experiment with shotguns. They, Lee Load-alls, do a good job but the 12ga one makes better looking loads than the 20 ga one. For my 16 ga I use a regular press but still don't vary from load data. I like 1oz and 1 1/8th oz loads for everything. I don't hunt much waterfowl and would buy that stuff if I did.

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Beginner Questions

I load two very different loads for hunting and target. My hunting loads uses 2-3/4" Federal Plastic Hulls with Hodgdon Long Shot Powder with a Winchester 209 primer and WAAF114 wad. This produces a load with a velocity of 1495 fps. Makes for clean kills.

For trap, I use IMR700X. The powder can be used in Winchester AA and Remington Hulls. I shoot either 1 oz or 1-1/8 oz depending on whether I am shooting singles or handicap. I find that for target loads, I can also use the powder for 20 gauge 7/8 oz loads with Federal Hulls.

The shot size used for trap is 7-1/2's or 8's. For hunting, I load 5's and 6's. For 3 dram loads, you can use any chilled shot, for hunting loads you want magnum or plated shot. The higher velocity in hunting loads will deform regular chilled shot and create an irregular and/or more open pattern.

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