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Beef cow decoy ?

I am going to N-E WY. IN Oct. and I was thinking about useing the new beef cow decoy for stalking has any one tried one .and if so how did it work for you !!!

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Beef cow decoy ?

I have seen them but never used them before. looking around on the web people seem to have good luck with them..... Good luck!

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Hunting with a cow decoy works fairly well under the right circumstances. We used them last fall and had good results with them. I believe 3 out the 4 antelope we shot was with the aid of a cow decoy.
Some advice to using them is to not move too fast. Many guys think that just because your behind the cow that they can push the speed limits in their rush for a shot opportunity.
Also be sure to only look through the slit in the decoy and avoid peeking over the top.
There is one problem to these is that they reflect a little in a way that washes out a bit of the color. I would advise doing some research to remedy this problem. My thoughts were to entirely repaint one myself with an airbrush and use a flat paint over it to solve the problem. A light, fine grit sandpaper might do the trick too, but haven't tried it yet.
I attached some photos to illustrate what I mean about the color washout problem that we occurred due to sun reflection.
Any more questions just give me a shout

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Beef cow decoy ?

Use a piece of mesh camo. Throw it over one or two people and walk hump back.

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Beef cow decoy ?

Just make sure some bull doesn't fall in love with you.

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Beef cow decoy ?

True story.
I was hunting Southpark many years ago and some guys were stalking a buck and doe antelope using real cattle for cover. I was a mile or more away, on a hill, watching through binoculars, eager to learn this technique. The hunters waited too long to shoot, spooked 'em, and darned if they didn't turn and begin running directly toward me, ... fast.

After covering that mile they slowed it down to a walk when they were about 150 yards from me. I took the one that I had a tag for - the buck.

Do I feel like I stepped on those guys' hunt?
Naw. Not really.
They had a great chance and hesitated. They had the closer shot. That antelope was suicidal to come that close to me at any less than full speed. Those goats weren't going to let those guys get back in the game - even though they probably thought so.

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