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Beaver parasites

Beavers have been re-introduced to Scotland.These beavers are breeding and are spreading from their controlled sites and heading south.I read in a fishing magazine that the beavers carry a parasite that kill other mammals including humans,i have never heard of this before.Have any of you guys out there heard of this killer parasite?

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They can carry Giardia but so do many other mammals

Def -a single-celled protozoan, some forms of which live as parasites in the gut of humans and other vertebrates, causing an infection giardiasis. Genus: Giardia

Often refered to as Beaver Feaver because it can live and be spread in fresh water and beavers tend to go to the bathroom on the water more than many of your other run of the mill vertebrates.  It can be fatal if left untreated in bad cases.

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Beaver parasites

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