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I've been baiting for about 4 weeks. I have had about 8 to 10 Different bears on my trail cam DAILY. Last Saturday 3 bear dogs showed up at the cabin. we chained them up, called the owner. Since that day no bears on my bait at all. I bait with sweets, bread,honey, grease and dog food. The barrel was rotten so I dumped it out and refilled on Sunday. Is it possible that the dogs completely ran all of the bears out of my area? I have 10 days til season starts. Will they come back or should I move? I have some nice pics of a couple nice bores. I hate to leave my hard work behind me at this point. I'm only there on weekends so I have no Idea what happens during the week with the yahoo locals and their dogs. Its all private land!!!! Any Ideas? Brick Wall,)

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unless you know what is going on in the woods with the dog hunters during the week the answer is unknown. Bear will leave the area when under pressure. Considering you said they were bear dogs and it is bear season I would think the future isnt bright. What did the dogs' owner talk about when he came and picked up his dogs?

Not sure what your cover looks like but I would probably try and find the thickest ground cover in the area and maybe set up shop around there.

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The above is good info. I would also look for alternate food sources. Are the berries ripe somewhere? When we used to be able to bait in WA most guys quite in September as the Cascara and Huckle berries would pull the bears away.

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I have found here in Maine that if dogs run a bear off of your baits you might as well kiss it good by for the season. They are not a stupid animal by any means and they do know that bait and dog(s) don't mix.

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