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Bear while Elk hunting

I'll be hunting in GMU 12 for Elk on the first gun season in Co and someone told me that you can get a black bear tag during this time. My drop camp is around 9300 ft and will be hunting the flattops. Is there enough bears in this area for me to buy a tag?

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Bear while Elk hunting

First thing is the licenses here in Co. are CAPS first come first serve, so check if any or left. If you kill a deer or elk you might find a bear on the gut pile or carcass if you quarter and pack your game out. I had a bear tag and a bear was feeding on my dad's elk, but he was spooky and would only visit it at night so no shot for me unfortunately. We caught one glimpse of him and he was a nice honey and chocolate bear. Would have made a great rug. Oh well.

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