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Bear Weight Calculator

Greets All,
I remember seeing a calculator somewhere you could enter some measurements of your bear to estimate weight. Anyone know where that calculator is?

This is my second year baiting, saw a monster the other night and really want to know the weight if I get a chance to take him. There is no way I'll be able to get him out whole.

Pics of some of the bears hitting my bait. They are big files but Enjoy.


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Bear Weight Calculator


I lent out my Dr. Nordberg book but from memory his recommendation is to either build your bait crib out of 6 foot long logs or have some around your site. He has found that the best way to estimate the weight of a bear is using this log method. When the bear is walking around the site or feeding at the crib you can get an idea against the log how long the bear is. I think it was something like:

4-5 feet (about 2/3 or a little more of the log) 150-250 pounds
5-6 feet 200-300 pounds
6-7 feet 300-400 pounds
7 feet or more 350-500 pounds

It was something like that...could probably find on the web or someone else on the site will know. I can tell you from hunting my first bear this year....when the bear stood on my logs I saw he was about 4-4.5 feet long.....he looked huge though (I was guessing 200-250).....he weighted in at around 150 pounds....just what the log would have said....looks can be deceiving!


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Bear Weight Calculator

I remember seeing something that you could you use, took the length of the bear and the chest measurement, after it was shot of course.

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Bear Weight Calculator

"I lent out my Dr. Nordberg book"
I made that same mistake! Great book on bear hunting!

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Bear Weight Calculator

Remember those weights will change drastically depending on the time of year and health of the bear.

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