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Bear snares

Redrider , how are ya ?? . The price of furs this season I expect to be pretty much the same as last . The heavier furs should be not too bad . Not good mind ya ,but still should sell . I sold 3 nice big beavers last season for 12 bucks and change , Needless to say, me and the beaver will be at peace this season .. LOL ...
Lay them on me buddy any questions you have ...

Hunter 777 , Not sure what your regs are in your state, but if you have any questions ,, you be sure to lay yours on me too buddy .


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Bear Snaring Was Excellent On Opening Day

We are not allowed to trap bear in my state.....unless you work for the government of course!
The only state that I am aware of that it is legal for sportsman to trap bear is in Maine.

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