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Bear Skull

Good afternoon all--

I have my bear skull in my freezer, now what? any tips on bleaching/displaying? How to do either?. I see Cabelas has a skull bleaching kit. The only thing I was told is not to boil it in the house, because I would find all my hunting gear on the front lawn. Also I heard it was better to simmer and not boil a skull.Any help? Think

Thanks. Bundy

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Bear Skull

I have that indoor problem too. I use my coleman double burner stove for any of those projects that need to be outside.

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Bear Skull

Keep in mind I am no expert, but I did my antelope skull last year.

I was faced with having a wife that would not let me do it in the house - probably could have done it on the grill. Still, antelope skulls are delicate so boiling is not a good idea.

What I did was heat water to a boil in the house and then poured it in a bucket with the skull and let it sit. Gradually the skull came clean with some help from me.

I then purchased cheap bottles of peroxide 3% solution and covered the skull and let it sit for a couple of days. It came our nice and white.

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Bear Skull

I thought you had to boil it for so long. Mainly for health reasons.

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Bear Skull

NEVER boil a skull, unless you want it to fall apart. Simmering in hot water for a few hours will work. If you want to score it, don't simmer it. Use dermestid beatles or bury it to keep it from shrinking.

Cut off all the meat you can and remove the brain. I use a wire hanger bent in two and put in an electric drill like an egg beater. You can also cut the brain in chunks with a fillet knife and a good nozzle on the garden hose.

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Bear Skull

If you can find Sal Soda (try taxidermy supply companys), simmer the skull in a mixture of water and Sal Soda. Meat comes off in about 20-30 min.

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Bear Skull


If you go to the second page of this forum to the topic "Camera Pictures II" there is a picture of the skull I did last year. Someone in the topic asked how I did it, and that post is down a litlle in the string. I think it worked very well except that the first three boils were too long. Keep all six to 1 hour and should work like a champ. The peroxide cleans and whitens it very nicely.

Let me know if any other Q's


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