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bear rut and the best times to hunt?

Does a bear rut like a deer? I know they have mating season but does it cause them to run mindlessly through the woods like with bucks? Is this the best time to hunt as with bucks?

If not, then what time period is the best to hunt (charlottesville, va). I have just walked around in the woods in december half-heartedly looking for bear but have never seen one (mostly hibernating i'm sure). So when is the hottest time to be in the woods for bear?

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bear rut and the best times to hunt?

Black bears usually breed in June and July they don't let their testosterone over ride their brain. That time of the year they will have a lot of rubs and battle scars they pick fighting for the right to breed a particular sow.
The unit I live in here in Alaska has year round hunting on black bears. The best time I have found for good hides is in the spring before the snow is gone or late fall.

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bear rut and the best times to hunt?

Ontario had a spring hunt and now has a fall hunt only. With the breeding taking place in June there was a larger percentage of large males taken than sows in the spring hunt. This suggests that the 'season to be jolly' made the males far less wary and were more careless when coming into a bait. The fall hunt stats show that fewer large males are taken and the male/female harvest ratio is about even.
The best time, or should I say, easiest time to take a bear would be during the breeding season for a large male and late August/early September when they are gorging themselves to fatten up for hibernation.
Better hunting times over bait are evenings when the bush starts to quiet down and early mornings when things are still quiet.
Keep in mind I'm talking about Ontario. We're further north than you which means shorter growing seasons for select foods preferred by bears. Your bears prime feeding times may be Sept/Oct whereas ours are Aug/Sept.

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