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Bear Region Quota Raised...

Need some feedback -- The Dept of Game and Fish reopened the some of the Bear Hunting Regions that had been previously closed because the quota had been hit. My issue is that other than on this PDF http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/recreation/hunting/harvest/documents/102... What tools do you think that the Dept should use to tell people that the regions have been reopened... Remember once the regions are closed and you have checked the pdf there is basically no reason to go back to the pdf. Also, the Dept has you email so... IMO they should send us an email...

Please give me feedback I will bring this up at our next NMWF board meeting..

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My vote would be email

My vote would be email notification.  It's cheap and will get to the majority of people who had tags.  After that word of mouth should do the rest for those that don't have or don't check their email. 

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