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Bear recipies ??

Any one out there got a good recipie for bear meat (ie crock pot ragout etc)...would sure like to try something different !

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Re: Bear recipies ??
ratrivertrapper wrote:
Any one out there got a good recipie for bear meat (ie crock pot ragout etc)...would sure like to try something different !

Different than what? How do you normally prepare it???

I've actually only had it as a burger.......

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Bear recipies ??

Sure do bro I love preparing food in the crock pot use it all the time. I usually use calgary stampede smoked honey bbq sauce tastes amazing on anything this is for a bear roast or just a nice chunk of meat , one of your best cuts, pop it in the crock pot turn it on max power put in just enough water to immerse the meat about half way then about a cup or small bottle of sauce the whole thing three or 4 full onions and patatoes drop em in stir up the baste add a bit of salt and pepper maybe a few spices you like or you can get the meat ready a day before salt it pepper it add all the spices put them in a bag put the meat in shake it then let it sit in the fridge over night. The next morning when you wake up take it out put it in the crock pot all day when you get home or if your already home it will be ready for dinner, make sure the meat is totally immersed now and set the lid on. Cook for about 4 hours maybe more depending on the size of the meat. If you cook alot youll now when its done should turn out awesome.
If your slice of meat is big enough you could always cut the center open so its like an envelope then stuff it I use bacon and my veggies ahhh mouth is watering sorry but yea it turns out amazing for me everytime. Thats why I love bear so much cause I try so many different things with it. Most of the time my kids dont even know what they are eating.

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