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Bear recipes

Has anyone got any bear recipes they would like to share? I got my first bear this year and really don't know many ways to cook it. I have fried up some backstrap, made a stew and cooked a roast in the crockpot all of which was wonderful. I really don't know any other ways than cooking it like deer and elk. Open to any and all suggestions.

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Bear recipes


I don't really have a recipe so to speak and it sounds like your bear is already processed. One of my favorite things is to have the back hams smoked. They are amazing ! Thumbs up I also have breakfast saugage made out of it. Absolutely wonderful !

When I do the backstraps (steaks), I usually marinate it in zesty italian dressing, mixed with Tony Chacheries creole seasoning and good garlic salt. Overnight is best and don't overcook it. Just past medium is perfect.

Enjoy your bear !



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Only way I have had it is as

Only way I have had it is as burger, and it was delicious.....

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Corned bear

Last week I corned a bear and a venison roast. Came out fantastic!  Easy to do and makes great home made corned meat hash or sandwiches or just snacks.

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Bear recipes

I can attest to what Elk kill says about the smoked back hams. I had two back hams smoked this spring from a 300 plus pound boar my son killed. I can't tell you how tender and moist they were not to mention they tasted just like pork hams! The butcher sliced them in 1/2 inch steaks and vacuumed sealed them individually. They looked just like the ones you get at the grocery store with the big round bone in them. My wife made ham and bean soup with them, also scalloped potatoes and just grilled them. They were great. We also make alot of breakfast and both hot and sweet Italian sausage. The backstraps always go on the grill. I make a marinade that consists of 2 tbs. olive oil 2tbs. red wine vinigar, 2 tsp. salt, 2tsp. black pepper, 1 tsp. rosemary and 1tsp of garlic powder. and a medium onion chopped per two pounds of meat. You can add some soy sauce if you have it. Mix all ingredients and marinade overnight. Grill to meduim. We use that on steaks and chops also. Enjoy

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Congrats on your First Bear!

I haven't killed one yet so I don't have any recipes that I've personally made but do know that bear makes a great stew and chili.  Had bear sausage several times too & it's always been great.  If / when I get a chance to cook steaks I'm going to use a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temp reaches 145 F.  Being omnivorous, they can carry trichinella parasites so cook it like pork. Cooked to 145, the parasites will be killed & the meat should still be moist.

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