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Bear question

I have set up a bait site a couple of weeks ago, it got hit the first night, I bait it every day that im off at 5:30, witch is usualy 2 days in a row, then no bait for 2 to 3 days then bait for 3 days in a row then none for 2 -3 days ....., the bear is comming in every night i bait, not a big bear probably 100- 125 lbs i have seen him one night. THe question is, will it change his routine if i go set up my tree stand tomorow? Will it make him not come back for a few days? or this will not bother him.


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Bear question

The bear has one thing on its mind this time of year and that is food, period ! The only reason he will leave is for better food(or smell) and that could be a BBQ happening a mile or so away, and then he/she may never return.
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Bear question

LOL sorry read the other msg

Use some grease or fryer oil to keep em around start about 2 months before season and dont forget leave something of yours there with your scent on it so he gets used to your smell.

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