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bear outfitter

I am thinking of doing a bear hunt this spring in Idaho with Weitas Creek outfitters.  Has anyone had any experience with them and what was it like?


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Never heard of them, But if

Never heard of them, But if you are interested I could set you up with a good outfitter in Manitoba, Good bears in the area and not to expensive.

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There is a lot of bears in Idaho.

I posted a story on here about my daughters Black Bear hunt last spring with Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho.  Phenomenol accomodations and great bear hunting in a 2 bear area.  They set my son and I up for Archery and my little girl shot a dandy boar.  They work deals and sometimes charge 1/2 price for kids.  You can also combine with a Merriams Turkey Hunt, or Fishing depending on your dates.  Depending how my spring lays out, I may do a quick flight up there to fill a tag or two myself.

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