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Bear meat question

What is everyones opinion on how bear meat tastes? I want to go bear hunting soon and plan on eating it. I just want to know what to expect.

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Bear meat question

it's one of my favorite wild meats

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Bear meat question

It is also one of my favorite wild meats. I place caribou ahead of it and I have never tasted elk or buffalo which I hear are excellent.

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Bear meat question

You probably won't like it! Big smile

I don't kill anything that I can't eat ('cept yotes), and I have killed 12 bears.

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Bear meat question

No Doubt it is very good eating. Better than deer in my opinion.
Like any wild game it all depends on how you take care of it. Just be carfull when gutting. I bone my bears and deer when cleaning the meat. If you use a butcher be sure they have experience cutting up bear.
Good luck hunting but when hunting bears be very carefull...... once you tag your first one you may get addicted.

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Bear meat question

also depends on the food the bear eats. if its been eating berries and greens and such it si awesome to make steaks. if its been eating dead nasty things its not all that great makes super theringer though.

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