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Bear Joke

Out for a day's hunt, the atheist hunter is attacked by a bear. With the bear on top of him. He looks into the jaws and says "Oh my God!"
There's a loud clap of thunder and God says. "After denying me all your life. Why do you ask now for help?"
The hunter replies. "I'm sorry and your right. I'm not asking for me. I would like to ask for the bear."
"Yes, What is it", God replies
The hunter asks. "Would you make this bear a Christian"
The bear released his grip on the hunter and after a moment of silence the hunter hears.
"Bless us, Oh Lord, for these gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty............"

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Bear Joke

Laugh That's a good one Thumbs up

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Bear Joke

Thanks! fuzzybear. Thumbs up

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Bear Joke

That's really good!!!!! Thumbs up

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Bear Joke

Haha Yes

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Bear Joke


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Bear Joke

AMEN Laugh

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Bear Joke

Thumbs up

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haha will tell that to my

haha will tell that to my kids, see if they get it!

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