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Bear Hunting Shot Placement

This will be my second hunt for bear. My first bear I shot in the neck. This was the prefered way in the camp. Now they are saying that to many animals have not been recovered due to the small vital area of the spine and one should take a lung shot. They have been leaving the animal until the next day if extended amount of tracking was required.

I am curious as to what the common shot placement is? I like the neck shot and feel confident with my ability and as to where the spine location is. Also I am going to use my 44 mag S&W this year. The first bear I shot was with a 444 Marlin. He dropped in his tracks.

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Bear Hunting Shot Placement

Certainly, the neck shot will drop him in his tracks if properly placed every time. However, if not properly placed you can have a long tracking job, or a wounded bear on yout hands that suffers, or gets away.

I try to shoot all big game animals through the lungs and suggest others do the same. I do so whether I'm hunting with a firearm or archery gear. It's a larger target, puts down a solid blood trail and the animal expires quickly and efficiently.

WIth all that being said, to err is human and the lung shot gives a little more room for error.

Hope this helps, and best of luck on your bear hunt.

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