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Bear hunting Question!!

Hi I'm currently in the Marine Corps but I'm from Ohio. Me and a buddy have been wanting to bear hunt down in West Virginia but don't know where to go. I live in the southern half of Ohio and was wondering if anyone could possible point me in the right direction. I'm not asking for your secret hunting spot, just some where public and I'll find my own secret spot. Thanks alot and Good Hunting this season.

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Bear hunting Question!!

Cant give you my favorite spot in West Virgina, Never hunted there.

You have internet access so here are a couple of things you can do. Go to the game and fish website for the state. Find out the bear harvest by county. See where the most bears are being taken from. Suspect along the Virginia Border, but check it out. Next go to google earth and depending on the time of year the images are taken you might be able to tell where the hardwoods are on public land in the counties with the best harvests. Harwoods should equate to acorns and that is what you are looking for. Next call the state biolgist for the area you have selected and find out what elevation will have the highest acorn yield. In those areas, find some ridges and hollers, hope you get lucky.

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Bear hunting Question!!

Look at the George Washington or Monongahela National Forests, lots of public land. Randolph and Pendelton counties have always been good bear areas. Good luck and kill a big'n. Thumbs up

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bear hunting

i am really looking for some general info on how to hunt bear i have been deer and elk hunting my whole life but have just decided to add bear to the list i just have no idea on how to go about it all the help the better thank you

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