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bear hunting over fresh gut piles

Has anyone had experience hunting bear over fresh elk or deer gut piles in the fall ? I'm heading West the end of next week to Colorado on a cow elk and bear muzzle loader trip and thought it might be worthwhile to watch any fresh gut piles I came across for a bear. Think

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bear hunting over fresh gut piles

I have read that some bears hear a shot and it is like a dinner bell to them, but that is with grizzlies. I would make shure that your ML is loaded right away.

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bear hunting over fresh gut piles

Talk with a guy yesterday who had a black bear come running right after he put an elk down with his bow! Bear got there right after they gutted it.

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bear hunting over fresh gut piles

Yes, last year going back to my elk kill the next morning there was a bear feeding on the carcass as we had boned the elk out. When we got to the meat hanging in the trees the bear was feeding broadside at sixty yards. I could have easily put a Powerbelt from my ML into his lungs.

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