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Bear Hunting in Lamoille County, Vermont

Hey just joined this forum in the hopes to find some direction in Bear Hunting up here in Vermont. I am about to hike up to a pass on Mt. Mansfield a liitle north of Old Smugglers Face. Was hoping to get some feedback before making the solo trek up there.

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Bear Hunting in Lamoille County, Vermont

First off welcome to BGH.net.
As to your question. it has been a long time since I was on Mansfield, lived over in Colchester back in the Mid 80's.
Your time line here is important. I do not remember VT having a early bear season????? If they do I would not be hiking up the tallest peak in the state during this season. Bears location depends on food, early season the food is going to TEND to be low. Berry patches with some summer fruit still on the bush, white oak's, black cherrie and ag fields. as the fall wears on the food (here we are talking "hard mast" or nut crops) tends to "move' to higher locations I.E the beech nut crop etc.

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Bear Hunting in Lamoille County, Vermont

Not really sure where you are but I figured I would pass this along. Off of 12a in Northfield area Roxbury to be more exact. The hill I have hunted for years seems to have more Bear than I have ever seen. I have never seen A bear up there until this year. I saw at least 4 maybe 5 different ones. I saw a Big one twice it may have been the Bear. Scoped one at 60 yds but didnt go for it as i do not care for the meat and really didnt want it for a rug. Good luck

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