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Bear Hunting Ideas...

Hey, Im a resident of Ontario and going out bear hunting for my first time. I already have a bear hitting my bait and I'm wondering if anybody knows of any helpful tips or ideas that could land me a nice trophy. Thanks ahead of time.

- ND

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Bear Hunting Ideas...

Well first off welcome to BGH Thumbs up
Second you already have an avtive bait....Well you are half way to that trophy already.
Pointers; First offtake your time and make a good shot (gun, bow, spear whatever) Bears don't die hard unless you make a bad shot.
Looking for a nice trophy, place your stand where you can observe the bear while he/she is at the bait. That way you can look for a nice coat with no mange or rubbed areas. You can size the bear to make sure you are not shooting a cub. DONT move around in the stand, they say that a bears eyesite is bad. Well it is not as bad as most people think. To many people pay attention to the wind and noise while bear hunting and assume that the bear is all but blind. This is not the case and bears see just fine.
Good luck and keep it simple

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Bear Hunting Ideas...

When positioning your stand make sure you take the setting sun into consideration. For archery place your stand 12-15 yards away...rifle or muzzleloader, 40 yards is about right. Try to insure that there are trees behind to break up your outline when in the stand....sometimes this is not possible.

Keep the dirt damp around the bait site by using used cooking oil and grain in your bait. The oily pad will hold tracks better so that you can get a better idea of what is hitting the bait. It will also help attract other bears as bears visiting the bait will leave and track that scent around.

Build a midden with logs to control the position of the barrel and prevent the bears from pulling it in behind the tree. If you place it right you can help position the bear for your shot.

Get ahold of beaver carcasses for bait and also use beaver castor for scent. They can't resist it. I make a spray scent out of castor and anise. It works the best of any I have tried.

Some scent control is good, but they will get use to your scent baiting the site. It is often a good idea to leave a piece of your clothing up in the stand so that your scent becomes routine for them.

Just a few ideas...........after 40 years of bear hunting I could ramble on, but I am not going to.

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Fryer grease and scraps from the butchers are best for baiting but I've never tryed beaver but I would think they would do just fine too. Lots of paitence will be the key to the big one! And lots of waiting is all you can do, That boar or Sow will come you just never know when.

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