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Bear hunting in Gifford Pinchot

I am new to the site and have collected a ton of stuff from all of you guys about black bear hunting. I am a Soldier at Ft. Lewis, WA and figured I would try to earn myself a black bear before I get out of the Army and go back to Oregon next year. I have hunted in Washington the last few years. Had some prettyy succesful deer hunts and took a bobcat last year. I have never REALLY put concentrated effort into bear hunting but I saw quite a bit of sign last year and decided to go for it this year. I was planning on hitting the Gifford Pinchot east of Mt. St Helens. I hear there are a lot of berry fields up there. Anybody have any advice or input on the area. I also hear there are a bunch of yuppy hikers too.

Greatly appreciated.

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