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Our local warden is pretty

Our local warden is pretty cool. As an example. In my unit there's no number of antler points restrictions, but there is a 5" minimum restriction. That would mean I not only have to bring out proof of sex attached to the meat. I have to bring out the head, or antler-skull plate to show proof. He told me he can tell by the size of the testicle. I think he's giving me a lot of slack by doing that. There's no way you could tell the difference between a 4" and 5" spike by the size of the testicle. He's just making it easy on me, because he knows i'm an old fart, and it's hard enough for me to get the meat out.

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If you can get the tag I

If you can get the tag I would take it and enjoy a month of hunting at a fantastic time of the year in the woods. As for the archery crowd, I would not worry about them as you are 100% legal and have the same right to be in the woods after game as they do. Not sure where you plan to hunt but I would look into any areas that has a good berry patch and/or scrub oak patch. Bears will feed heavely on the acorns if there is a good crop. I guess time will tell how the berry and acorn crop is this year but gives you some options over the gut pile idea.

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