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Bear fat into oil

No kiddin thats an awesome idea maybe I'll try it out this year!! Thumbs up

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Re: Bear fat into oil
monte wrote:
Hi guys!

Does anybody know how to render bear fat into oil. What I mean by oil is that it permanently remains a oil at room temparature, and not a paiste.

Thanks for the help

.....what you got there is called lard ... makes the best pie crust ever and guess what "no cholestrol"

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I am looking to establish a source for bear oil, bear grease and/or bear fat. If you have any of the 3 for sale, please contact me a.s.a.p.
Warren, MI

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I had never noticed this

I had never noticed this before. bear fat is supposed to be great for making pie crust. I did render some down once but not to oil. It set up when it cooled. Took bird seed and filled a small dish with it and made feeder blocks for the winter with it. Had to keep them frozen or they would melt. Did the same with deer fat. Thing I noticed was that melting it, some seperated but most the fat stayed in a lump. Just left it on till it all melted.

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Bear fat/ Bear oil - Is it used for hair growth on the scalp?

Hi Guys, Its good to see you guys sharing information. I've a question regarding bear oil and I do not see a lot about it on the internet. Only few people seems to know about it. The question is:

Does bear oil help to grow hair on the scalp? I've seen few people who sell bear oil on the website claim that it grows hair on the bald head too. Can any of you guys respond if you know about this?

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bear oil for boots

I render bear fat and was hoping some one knows how to add any ingredients to the bear oil to make it better for boots.

I watched a TV program where the guy added hot Pine Tar ( ? ) and linseed oil to rendered mink fat. Has anyone done anything like this?

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My dad made up a boot

My dad made up a boot dressing using deer fat, kerosene, and bees wax.  I am not just sure of the proportions but he would heat it over a burner in a old coffee can.  Then to apply we would have to reheat it and then either use a old paint brush or rag to put it onto our boots that were warmed near a open oven.  We would then sit the boots back near the oven to keep everythiing warm until the leather had absorbed the dressing. 

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Thanks for the info. I think

Thanks for the info. I think I'll try beeswax, kerosine and bear oil.

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