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bear coming late at night/early morning

We have a trail camera on one of our sites. We have gotten a couple of pictures where it is coming in at 3:00 AM. Is there any way that we can get it too coming early in the morning say 7:00 to 10:00 or early evening hours from 6:00 to 8:00 PM? Will bears continue the same routine of coming the station at a certain time or as the cooler weather and October approaches will they change their habit and come during the day? We plan on hunting again in a couple of weeks. Is there anything that would work to reel them in while you are sitting at the bait station?

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bear coming late at night/early morning

Wow lots of Minnesota hunters on here. They will start coming on later and feeding longer as winter is coming. Just give it some time. My suggestion is if you have bears hitting the site keep baiting the same spot year after year because you will establish the site and the bears do remember to come back there. Just a suggestion. I have a friend who has a bait site for 20+ yrs and he gets his site hit before he even puts bait out. Meaning he finds tracks spring and fall. Mine 2 yrs old and I am going to keep baiting it in the spring. I dont usually bait fall because of archery and rifle season is open.

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