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Bear in Colorado?

In researching my CO hunt for 2012 in unit 62, I am seeing alot of comments that there are tons of bears in that area.

So, I am curious, when is the season, and is it draw only?  Can the tags be had OTC?

Maybe I am dreaming too much, but a bear tag along with elk and deer would make for an interesting hunt... lol

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If you draw your deer tag or

If you draw your deer tag or buy a OTC elk tag there are bear tags available for that uint for that same season but they have caps on them as far as the number of tags available.  So you can hunt a bear in the same season that you have your other tags. 

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not sure

CaVermonster, I can't answer your questions on Colorado bear hunting, but I can share a couple of pictures of my son's bear he took in Colorado.  He had two of his sons with him and they were sitting in a dry creek bed eating a sandwich.  The boys were actually sleeping.  My son happened to look to his right and less than 20 feet away, came this big old black bear.  Being left handed, his rifle was pointed in that direction.  In one motion, he raised his rifle and fired.

This bear is now in the Boone and Crocket record book.  I'm not sure where in Colorado he got it, but he was stationed at Fort Carson and didn't drive too far from home.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Good luck in getting a tag and even better luck in finding a big old bear.


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I was not sure on the tags but it looks like Critter has that one covered. Here's the harvest data, I really expected more but maybe they keep the kill low on purpose. Looks like 19 taken by all hunting seasons combined.

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When the front rangers

When the front rangers decided to ban the spring hunt, hunting with dogs, and baiting, and only leave the fall hunts for bear the odds went up in the bears favor a lot.  In the 25 years that I have lived and hunted here in Colorado I have seen zero bears while hunting.  Now while I was working and driving around Beaver Creek, Vail, Aspen, and the surrounding areas I would see bears all the time. 

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There are lots of bears in the unit. A lot of it depends on weather. If it is hot and dry they will still be out cruising, but if there is lots of snow and cold you will be lucky to see one.


That is a great bear and congrats to your son on an awesome trophy ! :thumbsup1: 


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Element of Luck

I'll echo some of the above comments.  With no baiting or dogs, there is really a lot of luck involved in coming across a bear.  I used to have them come through my yard in my previous Colorado Springs residence.  Having hunted the past 6 years in Colorado, I've never come across a bear.  Nor while hiking the 14ers in the summer.  I have bought an OTC tag the past six years and even had one draw tag during the September hunt...saw lots of sign in a couple areas, but no bear.  Put a game cam out in one of those areas one summer and did get a pic of a juvenile bear from the side, then one of him looking at the camera, then the inside of his mouth as he tore the camera off the tree.   Won't buy another normal flash game cam again... 

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