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bear camp photo

this is a photo of camp in michigans upper penninsula, second photo is where black bear tried to get a better look at what was inside

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bear camp photo

Nice hunting camp Thumbs up
Very lucky that Ol Blackie did not come in. I belong to a hunting camp up in the Adk Mts of NY we take all food out end of the season and put moth balls around all windows and doors to deture the bears. Before we took these preventitive measures bears would break into the camp. What and ungodly mess they make!!!!! They make 2 big holes in the outside walls (windows, doors, walls) one coming in and one going out, never seem to use the same hole more than once. They then get into or break everything inside, huge mess.

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bear camp photo

Thats a great camp.

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bear camp photo

Looks like he woulda been a dead bear if that were my camp.

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