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Bear baiting question

Or you can go to the extreme of leaving a worn shirt out above the bait site to let the bears get used to your scent. I piss all over my bait to keep scavengers off of it. But these are all excellent ideas being given. But it seems bears all act different than others. I know if I sat my bait day after day from sun up to sundown withing 4 days I would kill a bear. Because I had some coming in the afternoon also. sneak in about every 3 days during daylight.
Have any of you tried a cow bell tied to a 50' rope? Every time you leave your bait site you ring it with the bell up by the bait. Do this for a 10 days and when you know the big boy is coming in then 2 of you walk in bait the site and you crawl into your stand the other walks out rings the bell and then he knows you left. he will come in because he will know once the bell rings you rebaited your site and you are gone. This works if you can get to it often.

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