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Baitig bears was abolished

Baitig bears was abolished during the early 70's in NC. The bear population had been dessimated because of this practice along liberal bag limits. In an effort to help the bear population rebound, the resource commission closed bear hunting for a number of years, established black bear sanctuaries across the state and once they opened the season again, they made baitig illegal.
The irony of the situation is hunters whom persue bears with dogs can "bait" an area to keep bears there, but they can't shoot the bears over the bait. They may release their dogs in the area to track and bay the bear but they better not shoot the bear over the bait. Does it make any sense to you because it doesn't to me?
And, of course, deer hunters baiting deer can't shoot bears over bait.

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I live in upstate NY. We have plenty of bears but are hard to hunt. It is illegal to bait bears in NY State. This makes bear hunting a very hard and challenging experience. Although I believe that in some case baiting should not be allowed, if you place a bear bait in an area in upstate NY you are not guaranteed to have a bear come into that sight. It simply increases your chances. I believe baiting of bears should be legalized in NY. Any other opinions on this topic? :yes:

Outdoorsman 121, To answer your original question YES! I live in upstate NY also. Just outside Penn Yann.  They opened bear season in our area three years ago. I believe only one bear has been killed in our township since. They should allow baiting, and when quota numbers have been filled for a specific area, shut it down for the season. Other states like New Mexico use that system for their hound hunters and it works fine. It's almost impossible to target bear in our area. The gentleman who killed the first and I believe only bear in our area is my close friend. He saw it while deer hunting. That is how most bears are killed in New York, by stumbling on them during deer season.Even outfitters in the Adirondacks only have a 10-20% success ratio. Baiting in New York I say YES :thumbsup1:   

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