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That is perfect!  I'm going to check out one of those stocks when I make my next trip to Cabelas.  Thumbs up

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Mine ran me about a $100

Mine ran me about a $100 bill, it comes with the butt stock thumbhole stock and also the fore end is slightly longer ( im guessing) so if you have ahorter arms then when your tucked up against a tree holding the gun off your knee with your arm you dont have ro reach out so far ....

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Preacher Dan

I use a red dot scope on my shotguns and am very pleased with their performance. I pretty much use my shotguns for two hunting applications, predator and turkey hunting. I first took up the shotgun for predators and ignorantly took to the hills without patterning it. I missed and wounded my first couple of opportunities just using my bead which lead me to the realization I needed to pattern my shotgun. After patterning it I found using my bead my pattern was about a foot and a half high and the same to the right. I concluded to hit a dog broadside facing from left to right I'd have to aim at his back feet to hit vitals. I didn't like that and my solution was the red dot. I slapped it on and found that just like with a rifle you could zero and pinpoint your pattern precisley. Now several coyotes and one turkey (turkey only ten yards) later I've found it works great for me. Never had an issue losing zero either with a lot of bumpy truck rides and humping the hills. If my bead had been on prolly never would tried it.