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B.C. Hunt Bargains

Hunts are 6 full days of hunting lodging and meals included.
White tail hunts-I have 12 baits out right now, 6 are being hammered,others will get better as natural food disappears(ground blinds) some road hunting,spot and stalk,old logging blocks and river bottoms etc..

Mule deer- Lower hi country natural habitat and upper log blocks Spot and stalk. ATV and P/U travel. Moose-Mountain trails in this country are treacherous this time of year for horses however there are a few valleys I can get to by atv,these spots are also good for deer..Horses are a possibilty for lower elevations, weather permitting.
Air travel to Cranbrook BC, I will pick you up there,, 1 hr drive to hunting area..Hunt area approximately 600 sq.miles

Whitetail or Mule deer hunts for $1500.00 U.S. or, Combo for $2250.00 U.S.
Mule deer closes Nov. 15, 2009, Whitetail closes Nov. 30, 2009
1 Moose hunt for $3500.00 season closes Nov.15th.

Non-Resident Hunting License $180.00
Deer Tags $125.00
Moose Tags $250.00

References available.

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