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Well, I tagged out on day 2. Here are a couple of pictures.

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Very Nice!

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Nice looking buck.

Nice looking buck. Thumbs up

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What a beauty. Congratulations!

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Congrats on a beautiful, long tined buck ! Thumbs up

I sure hope you are getting him mounted Laugh


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Great Buck!

A great looking buck!  Congrats!  Please share the storey of the hunt!

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Just love seeing a thread

Just love seeing a thread titled "BBD", cause you always know what follows that..... Wink

Beauty of a buck!  Let's hear a story!!!!


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Great Job!!

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Congrats on your harvest!!!

Congrats on your harvest!!!

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Congratulations on a fine

Congratulations on a fine looking deer.

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I dropped the head off this

I dropped the head off this morning to be mounted. Brought the front and hind quarters to butcher yesterday for processing.
Most importantly my wife and I ate the tenderloins last night and there were amazing.

A few of you were asking for the story so here goes:

Saturday morning was opening day and after a 2 hour hike in I arrived at my spot I have been scouting for 4 week. It was 6:00 am and I just sat down and starting glassing. 5 minutes later a rifle blasts off a few hundred yards above me. "you have to be kidding me" I was thinking to myself. I turn around and glass and see 2 small bucks pop over the hill and trotting right at me. I range them at 290 yards and pull up my gun. Debating and hoping for a larger buck, another shot rings out. I finally see the big buck limping into my field of view. It was one of the big ones I have seen scouting. A 3rd shot puts him down for good. 2 guys come out of the rock ledge and I pass on the smaller bucks. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that someone shot a deer so close to where I had planned my hunt, but that's public land and the challenge is what motivates me.

After a long day of hiking many miles at 12,000ft I retired to the tent. Within a half hour the wind picked up followed by hail, rain, thunderstorm and lightning. At times it was so bad I thought about packing up and walking the 3 miles to the truck. I finally passed out from exhaustion and managed a good night sleep.

The next morning I was woken up to bugling bulls at 5:45am. I thought it was some crazy hunter blowing his calls until I heard mule deer bouncing by my tent. I threw some clothes on and looked outside my tent. There was an entire herd of elk sky lined on top of the bowl I was camped out in. Excited, I packed my gear, grabbed my rifle and headed out. I started climbing to the top of the bowl when I glassed up and saw there was an archery hunter already on his way up. Disappointed once again, I headed in the opposite direction. 15 minutes later I glass up a doe at 200 yards feeding. Excited to see something and a shot blasts off right above me. "Is this happening again?" I say to myself. I look up and 2 guys are waving me down. They walk down and tell me they just shot a nice buck right in front of me. I couldn't believe it happened for a second time. They told me there was another big buck with him and which way he headed. So, of course I start working my way down into that direction. After an hour of glassing and walking I glass 2 smaller bucks about 700 yards out trotting towards me. I pull out range finder and cant find them. Just as I take another step, 2 deer pop out from underneath me and take off and stop at 120 yards. One is a nice size shooter. I range him, and cant get him in my scope. He takes off again and stops broadside at 220 yards. I range him again, and drop to my stomach, center the cross hairs and squeeze off. It all happened in about 5 seconds. I thought I seen him hunch over and then walked away and down the next ravine. I walked over, found blood and saw him laying about 50 yards from where he was first hit. The little buck running with him was standing over him. I had to scare him away.

After a quick photo session I caped and quartered him out. Packed out the hind quarter with back straps and tenederloins.

I call my wife and she says shes driving 2 hours up from Denver to help me pack out the last load. So I meet her at the truck with my first load and we head back to retrieve the head, back quart and 2 front shoulders. It was a little emotional looking back at it. My first mule deer and a wife that is helping me pack out my animal. Shes all in camo and wants to carry the heavy load with the antlers. I couldn't ask for anything more. A dream come true for me