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Bassett Hound

What kind of hunting dog would a basset hound make ( if any)? Think

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Bassett Hound

they where breed for thick cover and small game. Bassets unfortantly are one of those breeds that have "became" more of a pet/show breed instead of a hunting breed. I do see folks at the local wildlife reserve running Bassets after rabbits.

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Bassett Hound

Sorry I did not see this sooner!

They are simply amazing!!!!

I had "Bacchus" for 9 years, and he would hunt anything I asked of him! ...and still want to keep going after ALL other dogs and hunters were dead tired and quiting! They are mad machines when it comes to hunting! He was even a waterfowler! Should have seen his first few goose retrieves before he fully grew up! I remember the second one best as it was a sailer that sailed into the next section! He marked it and about 15 minutes later, here he came over the hill dragging it in!!! Once he got big enough, even the big ol canadas were no problem.

AGAIN! This may stir the pot with all those other breeds lovers, like Chessies and labs and the like, but a good basset will put them all to bed and go back out for a nightime coon hunt! Amazing animals for sure!

I sure do miss him! Yes I have a wonderful 5mo choco lab right now that has some pretty high drive and I sure can't say a single bad thing about her!

HC Out!

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Bassett Hound

"cryin' all the time... never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine"

Bassets are rabbit and other little varmint hunters. I have two. Samson is about 8 and while he acts lazy and sluggish, when he sees or smells something he wants, he becomes a AAA college level athlete. He also has an amazing nose. I've used him to let my Plott hound watch a scent trail being tracked. He never fails. He has woken me up at night going nuts because a possum was under the front porch and Samson could smell him.

The other is Henry or "Hank". He has a good nose, but is a little too excitable to stay on track but he is quick as hell. Keeps up with any long legged dog he has come across. He and my Plott will sit over gopher holes in the back yard and when they spot one, she digs the hole wider and he sits with his snout in the hole until the gopher comes within snapping reach.

This weekend Samson and Henry are going to my girlfriend's parent's place to work on the rabbits that are over running the place.

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Bassett Hound

We had a basset for a number of years. Great personality and also good rabbit dog. They are the definition of torque, and can go through the thickest places.

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