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base camp cooking

The question of do you use ditch ovens my question is if you don't then how do you cook in the outdoor's? Do you cook in the camper? or over the fire in regular pot's and pan's?? I have sevaral sizes of dutch ovens skillets and griddle's this is how I was tought and thought that's just how it was done!!!

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base camp cooking

The last time I prepared anything outside of the camp I had my 2500W generator with me and an electric frying pan, so I'm the last one that should be giving cooking advice , but I'm listening very intensely Thumbs up

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one of my favorite side dishes is:
spuds sliced 1/4" thick
baby carrots
1 package of dry onion soup mix
large spoonful of butter
combine all ingredients place onto aluminim foil, wrap up, rewrap in another foil place on coals or bbque for 20mins check spuds with a fork when you can pierce them easily they're done. Goes great with steaks, chops whatever.....

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base camp cooking

do you use cast iron dutchs or an aluminum mixture dutch? All together i have 5 of them between the 2 types. I think the cast cook better but the aluminum are way easier to maintain and weigh alot less.


fill dutch 3\4 full of canned fruit that has been drained.
1cups or more of sugar
cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and butter to taste
dump all this in dutch.
jiffee mix banana nut bread works awesome for the crust. use some of the canned juice to make the batter add more cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to mix. pour on top of canned fruit. Cook until done. roughly 45 minutes with about 8 coals on the bottom and line the top. I also line the dutch with foil to make cleainng easier, not as needed with aluminum dutchs. But a great way to get cakes out of the dutch.

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base camp cooking

You just can't beat a good dutch oven cooked meal when you're camping! The only problem is that sometimes it can take a while, but it is definitely worth the wait! Camping just isn't camping without dutch oven food.

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