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Barrel cleaning between shots

Yesterday at the range I shot my flintlock longrifle 15 times without so much as running a single wet patch down the bore. What I did was treat the bore with a new product called Ultraborecoat. It completely eliminated the crud ring that used to form after every shot in my knight inline as well. Both guns are more accurate due to less fouling and the Chonograph shows a slight increase in velocity. Tired of using a pile of patches and solvent just to shoot a few shots check this stuff out at http://www.ultracoatingsinc.com There is a video that explains how to use it.

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Barrel cleaning between shots

That is interesting, do you use traditional black powder?

I use pyrodex or triple7 and with powerbelts can shot for 15-20 shots without cleaning, with no further treatment. I shot and hunt in a dry environment though and I suspect that humidity increases fouling.

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Barrel cleaning between shots

Humidity is a killer. I'm pretty sure it works away at the powder too.

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