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I own a Remington model 600 in .222 caliber and need to replace the barrel, can somebody help me find one, please!!??? I also own one in 6mm and another one in .308, I am Model 600 fan.

I'll appreciate any help,

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Re: Barrel

Welcome to BGH Sako308.

Give these guys a holler and see what they can get for you.
I have gotten some parts for my 760 and even got a dove-tail rear factory sight for my Mossberg 810 thru them.


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Check out midway. I've heard

Check out midway. I've heard that M700 barrels have the same thread pattern as M600's and that they are interchangable. Not sure on that but worth looking into.

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May check Brownells also.

May check Brownells also. They carry a lot of barrels, some already partially chambered. With very little effort, you can finish the chamber yourself. 

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Check out gunwerks.com they have some awsome fluted barrels.

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