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Actually if you want a rifle

Actually if you want a rifle that you can take any animal in the world with take a look at the .416 Weatherby, it is everything that the .378 is and a little bit more.

Of all the Weatherby rifle calibers out there it is the only one that I haven't shot....yet.

And it comes factory loaded with a 350 grain Barnes TSX for only $193.00 a box....what a combo.

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PapaSzakal, Like you, I have

PapaSzakal, Like you, I have admired Weatherby rifles ever since I started big game hunting in the mid '60s, only the one that I really liked was the .300 Weatherby, which I finally bought a few years ago. It is now my favorite rifle, and I shoot it almost weekly.

My favorite hunting bullet in it is the Barnes 168 gr TTSX. I've shot a variety of animals with that combo from a 40 lb Klipspringer to a bull Sable and Bull Elk -- all one shot DRT kills. For my weekly practice, I shoot 168 gr Hornady BTHP and home cast 165 gr bullets.

As for the .378 Weatherby, yes, it IS a cannon.

Several years ago, I built a .375 RUM for a Cape Buffalo hunt I did in Zimbabwe. It's not quite a .378 Bee, but it pushes 300 gr TSX bullets out at 2830 fps and 270 gr TSX bullets at 3040 fps. It is like a .375 H&H on steroids and is enough gun for anything that walks this planet.

I've taken my .375 RUM on 2 trips to Africa, and have shot a variety of critters from a Jackal and 30 lb Steenboks to a Cape Eland and Cape Buffalo with it. Unless I ever go after coastal Alaskan Brown bears or back for Africa's Big Five, it will remain one of my safe queens.

I am reloading my .375 RUM for $20-$30 per box, depending on which bullets that I use and how many reloads I can get with the brass.

With the same bullets that reload in a .30-06, my .300 Weatherby reloads only cost about $0.10 more per shell for the additional powder.

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