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Barbary Sheep in Texas

Just curious if anybody out there has ever hunted Barbary sheep in texas or new mexico.

I would love to do this hunt, but was supprised how expensive the quided hunts are.

I also don't want to hunt a fenced ranch...free ranging only.

If somebody knows of a cheaper way to do it or of a DIY hunt down there I would love to get some info from you. Public land preferably

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I have looked at these quite

I have looked at these quite a bit myself and your right most of the guided hunts are pretty steep.

There's not really any public land in Texas but you can hunt them youself in New Mexico. The tags about 300 something and I'm not sure how good the success is but it can be done.  Do a search for it on google or something and you'll find a lot of information. Seems to be best around the Roswell area.

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If you didnt put in for them

If you didnt put in for them in the draw in NM you will have to go through a land owner and buy a license so it can get quite steep in NM also. 

I have hunted them in unit 30 but have not got one yet. There is a good herd in unit 32 west of Roswell.

Good luck in any hunt you do.


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