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Barack's New Web Site

Barack has a new website designed to fight the "lies."


The first "lie" he puts up is about a tape of his wife using the word "whitey" at his former church.

He says the truth is that no tape exists. Is that truth - probably, but not the whole truth. Remember he is a lawyer and as such, he is trained to use words, much like, "what is the definition of is?"

Saying that no tape exists is not the same as saying that Michelle did use those words. I bet, based on the racial comments spewed from the pulpit at their church, that she has used the word whitey.

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Barack's New Web Site

They should've just called it spin.com.

They abandoned their credibility in the very first line. Rush Limbaugh never said the "whitey" tape existed. He said he heard a rumor about it (it was already in circulation before he said anything), but admitted that he didn't know if it was true.

Oh, wait a minute. The exact text on the site is: "LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity United"

I get it...the "LIE" flag is a disclaimer identifying their own statement as a lie, rather than saying Rush Limbaugh is a liar. That's brilliant. Here's some more they can add, using the same argument that you can make false statements if you identify it as a lie first:

LIE: America created AIDS as a biological weapon

LIE: George Bush was the 2nd shooter

LIE: Obama is witholding the cure for cancer so he doesn't skew the election

LIE: The Great Pumpkin was assasinated by NRA President Wayne LaPierre

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