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Banning Replica Guns

I ran across this older BBC article and thought it was interesting.

Crime bill targets replica guns

I thought the glock pictures were cute. Which plastic gun really shoots ?

On a related note, this is a pretty good example of why gun control doesn't work. Article says that replica guns are easy to get, easy to convert, and legal. Anybody see the problem?

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Banning Replica Guns

I have to admit to a certain perverse fascination in watching this. It's like a school that has a bully stealing the other kids' milk money. The school reasons that if no one had money, the bully wouldn't steal it and the problem would be solved. So they prohibit kids from bringing milk money to school and give the bully two bucks a day to help ease his poverty. The school pats itself on the back because nobody's stealing milk money anymore and the bully's no longer poor. But now NOBODY has milk money (except the bully) and the students are worse off than before. And of course, the bully then switches to stealing lunches because his issue is power and intimidation, not money. And the school has just convinced him that he can do whatever he wants because nobody's going to do anything about it.

Wait a minute; that sounds a lot like another famous case of British political genius -- Neville Chamberlain crowing about "peace in our time" after giving Czecheslovakia to Hitler in 1938.

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Banning Replica Guns

Excellent analogy.

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