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ballistics table taped to your stock

I have seen this on many hunting shows and have read about its virtues in hunting magazines. Anybody done this?

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A better idea is to know what

A better idea is to know what the balistics are for the round that you are shooting before hand. 

Usually durring the hunting seasons I will use 3 or 4 different rifles along with a couple of handguns durring the hunts and know without looking just what each one is capable of as far as range and the drop of the bullet to it effective range it makes it a lot simpler to be able to just think what the drop of the bullet is than to check the rangefinder ( witch I do not use either) and then the table to try and figure out the hold over for a shot at an animal.  All this takes time and sometimes it takes time that you do not have if the animal in walking or in a thick cover where a step will put him behind a tree.

Now if you are taping a TV show where you have others there doing the ranging and spotting for you then it may make a little sence.     

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I do it.

I build up the loads I will be hunting with and have been using a label maker to print out and stick the table to my stocks. In order to get the most out of this practice, you really need to use a good rangefinder. I actually get the most out of it when hunting coyotes. I will take longer shots on coyotes that I would normally take on big game and the information right there in front of you does make a difference.

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I did it in the past, but

I did it in the past, but with my Leupold scope with the Boone and Crocket reticle, there is no need for ballistic tables.  I zero my rifle at 200 and then just use the hold over points for distances out to 500 yards.  While the points are generic hold over points, I've shot out to 350 and practice up to 300 with them and they are accurate for my rifle and load.

Makes hunting a lot simpler than trying to read the table and then estimate hold over height.  I looked at several scopes and even have the Nikon with BDC reticle, but prefer the Leupold.

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I have mine on my scope cover

I have mine on my scope cover cap. But Most times past 500 yards I use my balistic calc.

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