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I know I'm like a kid with a new toy. Just wanted to share with like minded folk. Anyway I just discovered that with my 30-06 a 180 gr spitzer BT will shoot flatter then 110 gr spitzer. I had bought some light bullets mostly to let my son shoot an old 30-06 I had, which turned out not to happen because he bought a 270. So I started loading these bullets to test and with messing around checking and learning about Ballistic Coefficient realized its not necessarly bullet speed and light bullets that causes flat shooting. I am sure most of you already know this but this finally sunk in for me. I now understand why Hammer says he like the 270 with the 150gr as they have great BC. That said it feels much better on the sholder with the lighter bullets when just blasting for the sake of blasting.

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Here's another free 30 day download for BC




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