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Ballistic Tip Performance

I used 165 grain Ballistic Silver tips in my .308 and 30.06 and really never had a problem with kills. In fact I haven't lost a deer or Wild Boar since I started using them.
On one 250+ lb Boar that I shot twice at about 100 yards, both shots landed within 1.5" of eachother, the bullet exited the otherside with a hole that I could stick my fist into without getting any blood on my hand. Completely destroyed a perfectly good ham.
They do fragment really bad and destroy lots of meat but I have always had the bullet (or most of it) exit the other side.
All shots were under 200 yards with a 310 yard shot exception.
They are still all I use unless I am swamp hunting with the .308.

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Ballistic Tip Performance

Just for everyone to know, I'm not bragging or anything, I just got lucky, but just this deer season I shot a muley at 500+ yds. with my 2506 with a 115 gr. nosler silver ballistic tip, I didn't quite get a full passthrough but I found the bullet lodged in his hide on the opposite side still held together, I weighed it an it was 70 grns. so I would say that the ballistic tip did a fine job. He dropped in his tracks and when I gutted him his lungs were gone!

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Ballistic Tip Performance

This is more what the BT is designed for. Reduced velocities at distance. My boxes of BTs are from late early 90s. Maybe they make 'em better now? It was pointed out that they kill reliably. I can't argue with that. Mine have all travelled a short distance or no distance at all.

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Ballistic Tip Performance

Hey Ozstriker. Wild donkeys out here are a non native pest and can be shot without any form of permit, just need the land owners permission.They are considered to do alot of damage to native desert and marginal country as well as damaging waterholes etc.There is not much you can do with them apart from using them as pet food as they taste bloody awful.In some places they run in groups of fifty or more per heard.Most of the ones I have shot have been in the Northern Territory in marginal desert country. No towns or shops for 2 hundred kms or so. Makes it difficult to keep the meat or skin as the temperature is usually in the high 30's.

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Ballistic Tip Performance

Ballistic Tips are extremely accurate but they open up really fast. :smile: I shot a spike a few years ago with a 165gr .30cal BT and the bullet broke both back legs and shot its balls and pecker off at 40yds

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Ballistic Tip Performance

I used 150 gr .30-06 noslir partition remingtons this year for wild boar and for deer. I shot two boar and didn't have an exit wound on either one, but neither one ran more than 30 yards before it died. I was very happy with them for that. The buck I shot this year had almost a 2 inch exit wound, Thats a little much. It defenitly wasn't going anywhere but I lost some meat over that.

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Ballistic Tip Performance

closest shot for me was with 165gr BT out of a .300 win mag. It went completely through a 180# buck at ~60 yards. Normal entrance wound (behind shoulder about midway up)with a snuff can size exit affecting the shoulder and area just behind it.
They make more than one type of BT these days. They vary jackets thickness, taper, etc. The ones I use are intended to take deer.