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trail cams

saskie wrote:

Trail cams are a huge help in helping you identify a potential target.


And not only trophey targets. It can help you monitor the health and size of your deer herd, give you a idea of what your fawn recruitment rates are, and help you set realistic goals for hunting in your area. 

 It makes it much easy to hunt for a big deer when you know a bid deer is passing through every so often. Trail cameras are to hunting what air conditioners are to cars. You can make do without one..........but who really wants to ?

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Start a mineral/salt lick this is one thing deer will seek out and return to year after year as long as its legal in your area. I started using these licks 3 years ago and have generated great results, I have even started some on parts of land that never had deer movement and with in weeks deer have appeared on my cam's.

You can start by going to a local feed shop and buy a bag of mineral salt mix and start with about 1/3 of the bag, don't just dump it on the ground. Take a hoe and a rack with, remove all the grass mix in the mineral making sure you rake it and mix it in the soil real good.

I have monitored the buck on my hunting land for over 5 years this is the best early season attractant that I have found, I have noticed once the velvet comes off the bucks they don't frequent the lick nearly as often and that when I start to use bait.

Good luck.

Here is a pic of one of my licks.

zone 3 als 030.JPG
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groundhog, thanks for that

groundhog, thanks for that advice.  I have been putting out salt bricks all year.  I have thrown around 5 or 6 in this little area already.  I am keeping corn and peanut butter in there also.  I just picked up some no plow seeds to try a small food plot.   Thanks for the advise.

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Salt licks would get F&G

Salt licks would get F&G knocking at my door here in Idaho. Do you have any trail cameras up?

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