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Bait Critique Please


The area I'll be hunting this sept/early oct is a mix of forrested low muskeg/marsh(swamp), with small scattered hills covered in forest so thick light itself is scared to penetrate it.

There are black bear in the area, although from what few tracks we've seen I don't think the population is very high.  I have never come across blueberry patches or any other berry's for that matter, although I don't doubt there are some in the area.  I also understand it's tougher to bait bears in the fall than in the spring.

Be that as it may, I thought I'd try setting up a bait this year and see if I get any takers.  I'll be taking up some barley, bacon grease, apples, blood meal, and some pretty rank beaver scent;  if I get any takers I also built a honey/jello burn can.

Guess my real question is if the bait will get their attention, since with the exception of the beaver stink, my bait is all foreign material to the area.



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Looks good to me

Looks good to me. Your lures, beaver and your jello burn, are what will attract them to the bait. The bait in your case grain & apples will keep them hanging around. I think about the only thing I would do different would be to do a burn as soon as you get your bait set out even if you don't hunt that day. The smoke gets into everything and holds for quit a while and should at least get a bear to looking. Kool-aid and jello burn are some of my most effective ones I do them pretty regular in the fall here. You might even try more than one flavor cherry and strawberry jello or tropical punch kool-ade are my favorite. The cheap kool-aades are usually the best they almost always have a stronger smell. I've never done jello and honey but it should be a good one.

Good Luck!

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Bait Critique Please

I've never baited or hunted bears, so not any help in that area, but thought I'd share something a bear hunter told me once. He was an older guy on horseback I ran into when out hunting one day, and we got talking about bears. He told me that the best trick he ever used was to paint Molasses on certain tree trunks. The bears get used to coming along and licking the Molasses off the tree trunks I guess?

Anyway, for some reason I always remembered that for what it is worth...

Good luck.

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Thanks for the input and

Thanks for the input and tips. 

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