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i hunt in the north east and am wondering what type of bait should i use? Apples? Corn? Hay? what is best thanks-Scott

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most of the guys I know that bait use corn.

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Use what they can't get. I have several acres of corn and so do my neighbors, so even if I took all my corn off they can still find it in ample supply. They will however, still eat corn bait if they pass it. I use molasses in my corn to draw their sweet tooth, but I have never gone wrong with cut apples hanging in the apple trees. I keep them in the apple trees so it seem real enough to them. I also mix a paste of apple butter, peanut butter, and oats. I put oats in it to keep it from freezing solid when I put it on stumps.

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We use apples also the trick we found was to put out only 3-4 apples each morning ,late in the day apples encouraged them to come at night and so did to many apples so we started just putting a few out every morning this gave us the best results.

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